Thursday, September 11, 2014

Call Me 24 Hours

Call 081340685445 to 085299944169 | Zahra Catering is a provider RICE SQUARE CATERING SERVICES Manado Manado and surrounding areas who are experienced in the field of catering services under the auspices of Zahra. Zahra Catering furrs fresh buffet provides catering services and catering nasi box snack box / buffet with a varied furrs fresh buffet menu and competitive prices.
Some of the services we provide diataranya: Rice Box (Box Rice), Rice Wrap, Rice Leaves, Buffet, Yellow Rice, Tumpeng and various furrs fresh buffet other foods that you need. We ZahraCatering willing to provide for lunch boxes or large scale catering for various events you.
Lunch boxes or snack box presented by ZahraCatering worth your serve at various events, such as meetings (meetings), seminars, training, social gathering, recitals, birthdays, congratulations, exhibitions, tourism, campaign candidates, presidential campaign, and others.
With the support of an experienced chef and the team and always strive to provide the best service, ZahraCatering committed to providing quality food and excellent service for customer satisfaction. So for those of you who need a Halal Catering Food Rice Box Manado and Manado other, can be ordered in ZahraCatering.
Call Me 24 Hours
: CATERING Manado - Manado RICE SQUARE Call 081340685445 to 085299944169 Call Me 24 Hours "Sorry does not serve SMS"

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