Friday, September 5, 2014

Bear KAOLA à V E to him ch nh n shit two, shower and change clothes gran balon comfortably finished

When he Central Bank & sisters email me suggestion "temporary residence" brothers gran balon and sisters at home, I changed plans and instead take the tour, I decided to tour Australia & New Zealand style "backpack I" and interesting surprise when airfares A Qantas 380 "bargain" to $ 715 for the round trip from LAX to Sydney. On the evening of 17/05/2009, following a 5.0 Richter earthquake near near LAX, is 10:30, I was sitting CHEM 380 A new regime on the planet and almost filled out (450 seats) to fly past during 14g Thai Pacific and landed at Sydney International Airport at 9:45 am. Between seasonal influenza A / H1N1, I also have to go through the inspection station photographed numerous health before immigration & customs, all easy, quick, not like those words scare your friends. Day 01 (19/5/2009): Los Angeles- Sydney L à m h R i office procedure done, as soon as he stepped out luggage, I got caught right HKHP-old friend gran balon of my very good in the first day of "refugee" on the island of Pulau-Bidong (Malaysia). HP to pick me up and put on the train to Central Station and then went to his home in Bankstown Central gran balon & Ngan (south-western suburbs of Sydney, where crowded VN 2, after Camabratta). While Marrickville is where many people VN 3, but most of them are from the North, quite a lot of notoriety with marijuana gran balon cultivation and drug trafficking).
Bear KAOLA à V E to him ch nh n shit two, shower and change clothes gran balon comfortably finished, I was eager to play that city Sydney with famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera Repertory gran balon Theatre - statement objects Sydney and throughout Australia, Sydney Harbour Bridge (Sydney Harbour Bridge) ...
She Banking & HP become "tourist guides" my enthusiasm. Go through the downtown of VN in Bankstown, just let me know Ngan Town Hall - where Van Son and American artists gran balon from the past and downtown demonstration of the VN, but I especially love the custard left, shoots Penguin, rambutan ... and king crab sale in this lot. Pho Gia Hoi had no eating bun bo Hue and pulled together the train station to go downtown Sydney games. Bankstown Park had plenty loud parrots cried, Marrickville street has many ibis bird (stork?), Canberra Airport has many kangaroos, koalas other places, ostrich, crocodile, dolphin, otter fish, seals ...; not including goats, sheep, cows from Australia ... the blame. Watch out Australia peaceful, prosperous immigrants flocking to Australia more. Heard Australian prime minister has to spend money to Australians to play an economic stimulus. Kangaroo - the national symbol of Australia out of the Central Station, I bought even bus tickets City Tour type Hop-On / Off, $ 35 AUD up to 30 key locations in downtown Sydney (Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Milsons Points, Central Business District (CBD), Darling Harbour, Chinese gran balon Gardens of Friendship, Sydney Aquarium, Sydney gran balon Wildlife World, gran balon Australian Maritime Museum, Powerhouse Museum, IMAX cinema, Darlinghurst, Kings Cross, Oxford Street, on Paddingt, Newtown , Watson Bay, Town Hall, Manly & Palm Beach ...), Glebe, Bronte and Bondi beach. Australians are not known as City called "downtown", "way out" instead of "exit", "tissue" instead of "Napkin", "hot chips" instead of "french Fries", "take away" instead of " to go ", etc ... Do not change money at the airport, but the bank right near Central Station in Chinatown gran balon has been more cost, lower fees, and secure, more kindly. Go to Chinatown à o v Sydney afternoon, in the Haymarket. Chinese travel very crowded (the highest proportion of immigrants in Australia & NZ), bustling shops, crowded streets. When traveling to Australia, I did not expect was the vibrant city of Sydney, ranking the top 10 busiest in the world and Sydney have so many similarities, such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver in Canada gran balon (and in the British Commonwealth). Walking around downtown Sydney, gran balon 5 sense / my original comment about Sydney is: - A great many immigrants; especially the Chinese, followed by India, gran balon Korea, the Middle East ... (mainly restaurants, gran balon shopping, hotels, services, taxi drivers ...) and most tourists are Japanese, Chinese , Korea & Europe. Travel from VN pretty much presence in Australia & NZ; children working in restaurants, gran balon mini-market market, construction industry ..., often leading cash. - The narrow little lanes (standard?), Motorway only 2 lanes / direction and rotation so much ease traffic congestion; peak hours and most prone to accidents. Do not see the curb (shoulder), pull-out or turn-out for the emergency? - The country (Australia & New Zealand) was immense, but the majority of the population less concentrated in large cities where most houses are usually small, less emphasis landscape. However, the major city also has beautiful skyscrapers with large park in the middle of the city center; especially along the beach. If the Q1 Tower on the Gold Coast is 78 floor Skyrise famous Australian 323m (both hotels, the apartment has) made me eager to find the time to consider that traveling to Australia & NZ makes me enjoy skyrises look at the other, gran balon as in Sydney Sydney Tower - Chifley

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