Monday, December 1, 2014

NikiNiki member Yorizo ~

NikiNiki member Yorizo ~ 's day yesterday from diary, and I went because there was a place to be worried about in the drive the way the Osumi direction. "Kamikawa Otaki park" Apparently this park is in the Kinko, Hey apparently has been selected in the "70 election forest forest of Kagoshima Prefecture". When such a place and try to go without also think, do there are large and small two Falls and good feeling in the park - the smaller of course it goes around in with benefits is that the amount of water Mawarikomeru also to'm hit nova gorica not increase the height hit nova gorica significantly but the back side I came, but ... splash is not reflected well and I took cold Ssu (TT) ; in ('д hit nova gorica `) Tohoho, spring water and say the main Otaki and, coming out pretty big also around the waterfall I exudes also good atmosphere. Summer seems to have also doing flowing somen in building in the park ( over ) Niyari~tsu I've stayed less than two hours, was the place to be healed to be able to enjoy nature ~ Kamikawa Otaki park (Kimotsuki County Kinko HP ) Kagoshima Prefecture 70 election forest forest of (Kagoshima Prefecture HP) rinsui / ryokka / fureai / sinrinyokunomori.html hit nova gorica
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