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Explore a la carte Part (# 342 issue) explore a la carte Part ~ Shirahama Beach, Irino Matsubara super steak buffet Hen mirror-Tosa-san district explore a la carte Part is, why ...? I do not know I might seem me, in this time and not lose even great I but sea mountain just (short, only have carefree leave of Secretary-General, but ...) Hata County Kuroshio It was decided to deliver the Saga of Shirahama coast and Irino Matsubara ed. Secretary-General became a retirement at the end of March, except for the volunteer activities super steak buffet Date basically because free is reminiscent of the end of the rainy season merry and it became June 28 (Tuesday), to the west side of a few years I tried out to drive. Although the free passable when was there was no high speed of be most used, and (until Nakatosa from Susaki now also free) to pay a high rate fee try arrived to the Saga of Shirahama coast, far exceed the imagination great scenery, such as we have been jumped. super steak buffet Contrast of the blue sky and the natural world that has interwoven the white clouds super steak buffet and waves in the sea, human skills in is blessed with grandeur and delicacy that can not be very compete is, and that is awe-inspiring in again natural splendor .... And landed "This is - by the best part of the tropical Kochi! ~ Ze there was Kai came up to here!" And just in and to the coast, it tried Kyoji to wading super steak buffet in the nostalgic childhood. ... Is, what? ! This heat is! ! ! 32 degrees in the shade good temperature of ventilation of this day. Grace of Otentosama in Moro, and glare from the burnt with sandy beach, painful such heat ... that comes through from the back of the barefoot. Hat sandals also would be spouting named unrestrained drive that it is not prepared at once, it's super steak buffet not that emotional also had nothing. Exactly, before you have arrived in the later Shirahama coast to escape, the Irino coast has become a holy place of the prefecture outside of surfers. This day is also saw the appearance of some of the surfers, figure or for the truly Week Di was sparse. However, in May of T-shirt Art Exhibition 1000 near the T-shirt in this sandy beach is on display, is seems to have also visited many tourists. Pine forest that liven up the scenic here with sandy beach (Photo backward) is, seems to me to play the role of as there is a history of several hundred years tide-windbreak. Within the park, large-scale exercise facilities and camping is equipment, it makes me variously entertained partly bridge of objects, such as reminiscent of the Seto Ohashi Bridge, such as you can see is to walk the course. Once, Why do not you try to visit ...? Summer, such as the sun of the scorching pour shine day ~'m recommended! What chat with .... Although we accompany also true ~ Riko princess which had been a while The Return, hat also not also ready towels, and closed feeling ... the scorching sun of coastline drive. Was to improve the mood, ... then or was only when it was the ice to mouth in the tourism center. Indeed, hot It was hot and dry up likely to be, unlike somewhat refreshing also pass through the wind on this lawn and beach. The ~ was Secretary-General was get a sense of the importance of green (duck ...? Far-fetched) here as well! More, we deliver a second round of exploring super steak buffet a la carte. Secretary General Nakagawa Mutsuo
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