Monday, December 22, 2014

Journey büffett Bro I

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HIS staff blog HIS overseas büffett & Okinawa wedding WE LOVE HULA Hula blog family desk family village sports abroad! Blog you I travel in the blog sign language to the barrier-free travel companion for the journey in the hero of the train Journey, "enjoy the natural" eco blog HIS AMERICAN CULTURE DIARY overseas departure flight-world one lap ticket, wheelchairs I go in the blog, wheelchairs to the barrier-free travel companion! I go with a barrier-free Hawaii travel products, wheelchairs! Asia travel guides, tour operator travel tour impresso blog
Hello Guten Tak! Welcome to Germany Tapas Barvarian beerhouse of London! Barvarian beerhouse appeared to delicious coupon! January 2011 and February büffett to only HIS customers büffett to Special Offer! More details and coupon printing of beer 1 cup gift !! offer quickly new year with New Year's party season büffett coming from here! Germany Miss oversized German beer and hearty German cuisine has come its on this costume and can enjoy is willing to serve
The City of London neighborhood, in Germany Tapas Barvarian beerhouse of London logo is impressive in the Old Street and Tower Hill because we have done our football co monk and corporate representatives Nagata and chock et al together is a continuation of the report ! Read past blog hearty! Germany Tapas Barvarian beerhouse finally drink'll ~! Germany Tapas Barvarian beerhouse tavern = drink'll ~! And even without taking this shop statistics of atmosphere such as, overwhelmingly male team multiple-! ! With the will of barely one even our football co monk lovely sister, such as the Western doll was wearing this costume is in surprisingly powerful person
Male team line-of-sight, nailed? ! (Point of view is different me?) Delicious Recommended German cuisine sister where throat has been moistened With I tried to order two dishes and main 3 servings starter in the German beer, and Wasilla cooking it came out all at once nailed, paralyzed state! U~o~o ~ amazing! büffett - the knife is stuck! ! Rustic full production, is like a mammoth meat rather than a pig Suu Münchner Schweinshaxe - (Roasted Pork Shank) 15.90 Roasted pork shank, Speaking served with sauerkraut and potato dumplings German sausage! ! This is perfect for the main to the person büffett you like sausage! ! Bavarian Beerhouse Wurstplatte -! (Sausage Platter) 12.80 For Sausage Lovers 2 Frankfurters, 3 Nürnberger, 1 Bratwurst,
served with mashed potato, Giant meatballs mother of sauerkraut and mustard hyena has tried to order in that absolutely want to order! Giant meatball with mustard 4.60 prototype of tonkatsu of Japan? Also think is Germany version tonkatsu Wiener Schnitzel - (Pork Escalope) 12.80 Classic breaded pork escalope served with fries starter menu had Nürnberger Bratwürstl - Grilled Sausages 5.60 Three small sausages, served with sauerkraut, pretzel and mustard prima facie sister waitress tonkatsu Choose a get along rock-paper-scissors Pong to the winning favorite main in the order of the representative also German cuisine said Featured in three people have tried to order Nagata that it does depend on here! In the Issima ~ be it's immediately butterfly! However, straw sandals average of magnitude's Naa ~ soccer co monk of Choice won the crunch most Naa from Germany who is huge Münchner Schweinshaxe mammoth meat Ja ~! Gabu~tsu Stone Age I guess would do was something like this? Okay ~ munching and moxa football co monk 'use physical strength to eat, that for the first time to eat and whether tastefully knife and fork Tsukai to enter WatariEi of the first year our corporation responsible Nagata Puretcheru tired Let's see, a little During If you look at the to Let's Agu~tsu and next to the football co-monk eat the mammoth meat fighting! Delicious Hey ~! But soccer co-monk of mammoth meat and ask them to service in Germany Miss wearing a great volume büffett cute dress that does not decrease büffett at all to eat to eat,
Journey büffett Bro I "HIS London trivia Course" was moving! büffett Here Speaking of tennis! And I went to Wimbledon Museum and Tour! Atmosphere perfect score retro station and the steam locomotive Santa Train experience! And watch the ATP Tour Finals venue to the O2! I look at the London from the sky in a helicopter! United Kingdom of souvenirs will be to what? Masterpiece is a lot! National büffett Gallery! You can meet the animals "England NO.1" and Adventure Park [sequel] büffett claiming expand to the whole world! ? Thai restaurant "mango tree" büffett Fifi and Lovely Heart boxed chocolate
Tech to travel London to deals (215) Art (23) It is hard in the UK! Series (14) Antique (9) Kim home (1) British (3) the breakfast series (4) Cruise Tourism (27) Cafe information (22) London suburb tourism (37) Recommended tour information (74) U~onkei 旺記 Restaurant (25) Sale (14) Campaign (15) nice countryside büffett (25) London Olympics (20) longing of Scotch of Holy Land Islay (11) Cheap Flights United Kingdom (12) Simplog (0) Arafo woman three Ireland In the journey (20) British Flower arrangement experience (5) Scotland trip 2013 (13) Spicy Grill BBQ Yakiniku (10) Mediterranean paradise Island of Malta travel (11) Royal Warrant PRESTAT (8) East India Company (6) London health diagnosisJGH (5) GOODWOOD (3) National Trust (1) PRESTAT (12) Cafe (5) Harry Potter (5) Pub (2) Nuraghe Nuraghe (2) Italy Travel (4) Sports (7) Garden Gardening (2) souvenirs (1) Ramen (1) France büffett (0) Tourism (324) Gosso's at 5 pounds! (52) B-grade gourmet (146) VisitBritain GREAT campaign (18) Gourmet (230) Building (10) World first story (2) Shopping (69) simultaneous delivery planning (6) Publog (12) afternoon tea (61 ) soccer (59) Hotels (128) Beauty (10) Blog (89) events (157) Musical (28) Entertainment (24) News (172) Market büffett (19) divination (1) News from the air line (18) Branch (60) branch contacts (1)
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