Tuesday, December 2, 2014

May 2009

NikiNiki I like windmill from member Juru 's diary. Where there are windmills, majestic nature and the superb view. And, because there is a nice breeze ... here is where the wind farm was wanted to go all the way in the park if WoW Kihoku. kaeseplatte Like Howl world also near the celestial sphere Museum are lined windmills! Terrace Sakurajima sun seen from any moment you start moving is likely on ^^, in the pleasant breeze was way mysterious landscape of the Okuma peninsula, was it came back with nap-sore (laughs) immediately adjacent to the extensive grounds kaeseplatte To do this, it is recommended to truly idyllic and slowly can place spring outing partly pasture by ~ ^^ Kihoku Wow if the park website http://uwaba.jp/
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