Thursday, April 2, 2015

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Special menu for Passover hagola at the Modern, the Israel Museum .... Circus on charcoal - cliff-delicatessen farm 'hosts' Brut' .... luxurious restaurant in Haifa Mitt surfers 2eat the exclusive benefit .... special price meal at Nana Bar .... Restaurant "fish" in Hod Hasharon new culinary concept Renewable cafe .... "Kofi Annan" Spring menu launches Alpha refreshing .... Relaxing the customers click a Table! Most cultural business .... Jerusalem in Modern birthday hagola .... Deal Rishon espresso bar .... Derby Bar pampers the Port TLV marathon runners .... Home> editorials> Breakfast Week> Haifa Film Festival
Haifa hosted again this year during the Sukkot festival hagola Film Festival. The program includes Israeli and international films will be screened in theaters and at various sites in the city, 300,000 spectators, music events in the open air and of course, fine dining restaurants hagola
In the Gaza Israeli documentary will be screened on October 18 at 16:30 Alon Alsheich film, not far from the tree that describes the relationship of father Cahanov, founder of the boutique winery, and his son Eran - Single wise and kind looking for the location in front of the family line. Attempts cooperation hagola between the two ends shouting, and in the background is told the story of the Israeli terroir.
And in the Gaza amusing romantic comedies: one French films screened at the Festival is the women on the 6th floor, directed by Philippe Le Ge. The plot of the film, which will be screened on October 15 at 19:30 and October 18 at 20:00, takes place in Paris, in 1960, there is undermined bourgeois family's life when he comes to helping young, hard-working and Spanish. As mentioned above, an amusing romantic comedy wording servants and masters.
Urban Bistro veteran spread over two floors and a terrace garden, characterized by pleasant and soothing atmosphere. The kitchen menu offers classic bistro dishes along with local and seasonal. More Sinta Bar: confectionery department prides itself on its unique desserts, breads and other baked goods. During the festival offers a special menu bar sirloin 109 includes first and main courses to choose from, soft drinks or sparkling wine, a little sweet or hot drinks. Dishes include escalope Rump steak with greens, nectarines, Manchego cheese; hagola Gnocchi, macadamia nuts, Brazil and hazelnuts, fresh porcini mushrooms and truffle butter.
Pearl harbor street culinary chef headed by Ran head combines gourmet food rustic Italian design and atmosphere abundance. Restaurant spaces, each of which offers a different experience. The festival offers 24 port 109 menu includes first and main courses to choose from. Among them you will find onion cream soup, truffle foam and Ali Boktz'oi; Salmon ceviche fruit basket, soy sauce, ginger and pepper cream; Strips of chicken with rosemary and cream on a bed Grtan potatoes and sweet potatoes; Squid filled with Doksl mushrooms, thyme gnocchi with lobster sauce, parmesan and more. President Avenue hagola Walla
Walla is a mythical French restaurant in Haifa, who always boasted an artistic design, bohemian atmosphere and gourmet hagola food. President Avenue to its location offers the restaurant space, a gallery floor and outdoor courtyard. During hagola the festival offers a menu Walla and 69 109 menu. Among the dishes offered: shale carbonara / Rste meat and beer 69 ; Coffee sauce Entrecote de Paris (grain mustard cream) plus personal Rste + a glass of wine / beer 109 ; To salmon / trout or to seafood menu + wine / beer + coffee / tea 109 .
Home Restaurant Villa Carmel offers a true European hagola experience boutique hotel's garden. Calm charming hagola corner where the rich menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner business à la carte. During the festival will offer menus Villa Carmel 69 -109 and include appetizers, main and drinking

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