Friday, April 10, 2015

In short, she kicked while I slit her eggs on the table and laid down on the couch and screamed as

The morning started my left foot, I got reasonable (you can always get another hour of sleep) I made a white bottle, took a shower, I went to buy parking tickets and I went to pick them all for breakfast. Now where habit left here? Oh, here we go. Life went with Noga bathroom and I was left with a halo sitting on me until the food arrived. Because there were not many people at they made "a la carte", it says in the menu selection of hotel. We chose the dishes sound very interesting, and waited patiently. When the food came I told aura she sits on the couch next to me and I cut her eggs, what did naughty? She decided she wanted to sit on me and eat me, and I hard to cut with a girl hands and did not agree to that, perhaps someone else in my place would give up, I'm sorry but who knew me well know that one of the things that I'm not ready to give up. Eat any of his chair. (Unless I finished eating).
In short, she kicked while I slit her eggs on the table and laid down on the couch and screamed as if those who heard what I was doing to her ... of course she dropped the whole table and I instinctively able to prevent any table turn over, I have no idea how he never turned over and went back to himself ... broken only One cup of juice spilled all of course, was part of a large part of it on the table and some on the floor (not easy to clean and that it may rectangles). The waiters came up right away, it seems to me within 2 seconds 3 waiters were at my table, no one looked at me and spoke to me, I asked forgiveness in advance and shouted the aura that such behavior I will not let her attitude. And I, and it annoyed her even more. After they cleaned the table was a feeling of discomfort that did not return my napkins on the table I used to clean, not asked if I want to play back the cup juice, made me feel as if anyone would hear what we did there ... This is a pub that works together with the hotel but is independent . Some say that maybe they expected me to pay for the glass was broken la bottega miami ... say, do not say I do not pay that in this country is not like that and I do not know that. In short, the food stuck in the throat, at some point I started to cry a little bit about myself all the unpleasant situation created, thereafter a waiter did not come until the end of the meal and at the end did not say hello or anything. Day started badly.
We decided to go to my sister and visit a little longer to Daria Sweet, girls assaulted her as if she were a little doll, and she is happy and satisfied all is treated, la bottega miami even if sometimes it comes with hugs too strong or throwing head of Venus on the abdomen her little ... or aura that gives her a toy and another and one could hardly see her face, but not to worry, in less than a minute came Nga and saw the horror she knew not to bomb the baby too many toys because it causes irritation, unhealthy, so she took out her all, leaving only one, But she saw Daria some strange looks as if Venus grabbed her something, she immediately returned to another and said, "That's it, good Daria? Tzotzo la bottega miami This is one of three". Something la bottega miami like that .. sweet !! Love and education that goes there ...
Afternoon, the girls made us crazy with their bedroom only Nga Finally after hours of experience managed to give up and go to sleep, Halo will not change at all. The girls blew me away with their great love soup Ciorbă Romney, they like to put small pieces of bread as my late grandmother was doing to me when I was little la bottega miami that I did not want to eat. They like the soup that is probably sour. Of course at the end when there is no more bread and vegetables they like to give a big show-lifting plate and drinking the liquid left over soup. Then they seek more and more. Each received a total of 4 ladles of soup, it's very nice !! And tell my sister and my grandfather excellent cooks !!!
After lunch we decided to go buy some clothes girls clothes because it turns out that they have much beyond 6 huge like a sack or liquid rubber that which no longer strong enough. Sweatshirt or dismissed as they say here, I only have 4 suits that are huge like a sack but I dress that pretty cold here. Morning and evening reaches 12 degrees even 10. Prices are not cheap as they used to, suit Potter I buy clothing (not clothes but good quality) is raised about 60 ! I buy it at 30 suit !! I wonder how this ordinary stores here ...
In the evening we decided to go for a walk on a pedestrian street of Brasov, stunning here !! Shops on each side of the road and in the middle cafes and pubs with pizza, booze, of course, things easy and nice (we were not yet). But of course Where are we left the car aura must insist she decides here and will not wear a sweater over her thin shirt, because it was already after 7 pm It was very cold, I took her hand and told her that now sit on the bench and get dressed like all that cold. No cold, no shoes, girl stubborn than any other person I know !! So I told her she could sit in the cart with bottles and she agreed, I said that she wanted a wagon and a bottle she had to get dressed. It always ends with threats. We'll survive this stage.
We started la bottega miami to go have fun, I was relieved some fun and what a joy what shoes .. not gone more than 2 minutes la bottega miami and stopping again, pee, halo held tight but really see it resisted and failed well, left her some pants on, I ran to her and arranged to meet at McDonald's, But on the way, and I've regretted hotel is halfway la bottega miami there I'll go change my clothes and put her aura Pee services continue and continue. la bottega miami I came back with an aura clean McKee, ate and Halfway through Halo says she has a poo ... well what will be ... I took her and Cshhazkti her hands felt she had a diaper when I went to see live if he put her diaper I said a moment, does not make sense, she has been rewarded recently ... and I could smell of poo. Could not help. Ugh ... poopy underwear ... again go up and wash it and replace her, after I changed clothes twice Lange .. so today I went to a lot of suits today. I wanted to go with them on a pedestrian street but did not come out today, la bottega miami maybe tomorrow.
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